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Fight Retailer Chargebacks and Shortage Claims

Learn how Whirlpool Automatically Resolved Shortage Claims Using Robotic Process Automation!

Here's how iNymbus can help:

  • Save hundreds of manpower hours
  • Reduce costs by 80% or more
  • Recover lost revenue by capturing 100% of retailer claims
  • Increase speed and efficiency by 30%

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Case Study: Learn How The Whirlpool Corporation Was Freed From Manual Retailer Claims Processing!

As the largest appliance manufacturer in the world, Whirlpool's Credit Department was spending up to 240 manpower hours a week processing and resolving shortage claims from retail partners like Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. In this case study you will learn how Whirlpool:

  • Saved an estimated 75% of processing time for each shortage claim.
  • How they reallocated credit resources from hundreds of man hours that were recovered.
  • Can now recover more dollars because they are able to dispute every single retailer claim.
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Traditional Retailer and Shipping Claims Processing Methods Don't Cut It!

As a seller's volume grows, traditional solutions such as staff augmentation, seasonal temps, software packages, outsourcing, or any combination of these will not successfully contain the retailer and shipper claims problem.

Using similar technology large retailers and shipping carriers such as Amazon, Walmart, FedEx, and UPS use is the only option to keeping up with retailer and shipper claims.

  • It is 100% possible to take your company's SOP and automate the document matching and uploading, the algorithm calculations and data entry required to dispute retailer and shipper claims. 
  • Fight technology with technology and win
Download the full case study now

Here's what our customers say

"iNymbus has given us the chance to delve into other areas that need more attention to get to the root cause. Our biggest goal is to stop deductions from happening instead of just constantly working to fight them. Our team now has more time and they absolutely love it. They no longer have to complete tedious, idle work. On top of that, more dollars are coming in the door!"

Lisa Kiewel
Lisa Kiewel

Shared Service Operations Manager, Whirlpool Corporation

"I wasn't even aware there was a solution like iNymbus. Our issues are volume related - we ship directly to stores. Onboarding took about 2 weeks once we provided the data pieces need to process the deductions. They get everything done so quickly. iNymbus pumps out the whole month, over 1,000 claims, in less than a week. We have found that our claims are 99% recoverable and are mostly taken in error."

U&I Testimonial
Elaine Brockopp

Accounts Receivable Manager, U&I Entertainment

"Walmart changed something in their process or system, and we couldn't keep up. All we were doing was plugging holes, now iNymbus plugs them automatically. It gives our staff the ability to figure out where those holes are coming from in the first place. iNymbus is our knight in shining armor that says, 'Not so fast Amazon. We've got our own little robot army and we are going to fight you each step of the way.'"

Tony Warfield

VP of Credit Services, D&H Distributing

Most of our clients are set up in 6-8 weeks following a 60-minute phone consult. Minimal I.T. support is needed.


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