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How a $2 Billion Client Tackled Deductions with iNymbus

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Welcome to the future of streamlined deduction management

Seamless automation to dispute thousands of claims per month
Maximizing returns by capturing 100% of claims
Cutting Cost-per-claim by 80-90% with RPA
Identify trends with advanced data analytics
Automated reconciliation of all your payments
Automated retrieval of EDI, POD and BOL Documents

How We Helped This Retail Giant Recover Millions Of Dollars

Discover our software's unique Let us go through the major challenges and how iNymbus solved them

Centralized Platform To Handle Claims From All Retailers

Our software provides a centralized platform for you to track and manage claims from all retailers in a single place. From a pulse check to an in-depth analysis, have it all under control with our comprehensive tool

One-stop deduction hub for all claims from all the retailers
Increase tracking and visibility of your claims for better management
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Reducing Processing Time From Weeks To Minutes

A 40-member team was handling deductions from 20+ retailers, posing cross-communication challenges. iNymbus, with SOPs, automates document retrieval from various portals, saving valuable man-hours and making the process efficient

Achieving up to 30 times faster processing compared to manual methods
Our solution uses RPA, optimizing human resources and ensuring time savings
Download the full case study now

100% Automated

Reduce manual work hours on deductions and chargebacks saving you and your team hundreds of hours a year.

Up to 30X Faster

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) handles chargebacks in retail while improving the efficiency and speed by up to 30x

Reduce Costs

Increase efficiency of your chargeback and deductions management process while saving manual labor costs.

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